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Are you looking for practical, holistic, real-life solutions for healthier living? Join Dr. Meaghan Kirschling for real life education as she discusses and explores topics that affect your everyday living. Learn how balanced eating can increase energy, stabilize moods, jumpstart metabolism, eliminate cravings, restore digestion and decrease inflammation. Dr. Meaghan fields questions from listeners and brings in expert guests for a lively discussion about nutrition, supplements, holistic health, integrative medicine and the latest research. Join the Academy for the University of You.
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Nov 23, 2017

Patrick Plum has joined to do a series on Lyme Disease and Chronic Disease.  The purpose of this series is to explore subject matters that are specific to individuals that are dealing with complex health conditions.

In Podcast 173, Dr. Meaghan Kirschling joins Patrick Plum to talk about diet and Lyme Disease.  Which diet is right for you is a hard question to answer for anybody, but in this podcast, we discuss the specific considerations with chronic disease.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • What dietary restrictions can benefit most
  • Why one diet doesn't fit all
  • Differences in diets
  • Why diet has to be individualized

Thanks everyone for listening.  Hear more podcasts at

Jul 20, 2017

Thanks for listening to Podcast 171 of Beyond the Basics Health Academy with Dr. Norm Robillard, Ph.D.  In this episode, we have an interesting conversation about gut health and diet.  Dr. Norm is the founder of the Digestive Health Institute and has been studying issues of the digestive tract for most of his professional life.  He became passionate about digestive health after suffering from his concerns with GERD and reflux.  


In this podcast, you will learn:


  • ·      The negative effects that carbohydrates have on our health
  • ·      The overall importance of good digestive health
  • ·      Some of the underlying causes of SIBO and IBS
  • ·      What is SIBO and how it has an effect on every aspect of health


Want to find out more information about Dr. Norm:

  • To get the fast tract app go to
May 31, 2017

Beyond the Basics Health Academy is honored to welcome to the show, Dr. Stephen, and Janet Lewis. 

Dr. Stephen Lewis and Janet have a long history of helping people achieve their maximum potential. Dr. Stephen Lewis stays current on the latest research about nutritional supplements and optimal health. Janet Lewis is a Certifed Natural Health Consultant with a unique perspective on alternative and complimentary nutrition from studying with numerous national leading alternative health experts.

Paramount in their education was their trip to China while studying with traditional Chinese medical doctors. They incorporate the latest medical research into the decisions made while helping people with their nutritional decisions by offering extremely low-cost blood work and free consultations to determine the most appropriate nutritional products that are only available through a doctor’s office.

They come on the show today to talk about thyroid function and why we are seeing more concerns and problems in recent years.  

What we will discuss in this podcast

  • Why do we see an increase in poor thyroid function?
  • What is the best way to assess thyroid function?
  • What can be done about thyroid concerns?
  • What signs and symptoms we see with thyroid dysfunction?
  • How Dr. Stephen and Janet approach patient care

What to know more about Dr. Stephen and Janet Lewis?  Here are ways to connect with them.  

Phone: 903-663-1008
Facebook: DoctorsNutritionEastTexas


Link to the Thyroid Sniper book


Thanks everyone for listening.  Remember to be kind to others, take care of yourself and make good choices.  

Mar 30, 2017

Dr. Meaghan Kirschling has joined forces with her father Dr. Ron Kirschling, MD to talk about both sides of medicine.  Here is a recording of our first show on hormones.  

In this episode we talk about:

  • The role of hormones on health and wellness
  • The different hormones that we need to look at
  • Hormone replacement therapy and what we have learned from it
  • Why it is important to fully assess hormones
  • Best way to assess hormones
  • Bio-identical hormones
Jan 24, 2017
Beyond the Basics Health Academy welcomes Byron Morrison to the show.  He is the Author of the book 'Become a Better You: Stop Dieting, Start Living' and Founder of Tailored Lifestyles Coaching.
‘Become a Better You’ takes a holistic approach to improving your wellbeing, teaching you to listen to your body as you learn to make more informed choices in all aspects of your life. From improving your diet to managing stress and developing healthier habits, everything in this book can be tailored around your goals, helping you become the best version of yourself. This is not a diet, it’s a change in lifestyle, that will help you not only look, but also feel better than you ever have before.
His work is all about helping others live healthier, happier lives, as they change the way they eat, think, move and live. You can find out more at